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With Sinetrol® Xpur (patented formula) and natural active ingredients. Numerous scientific studies had already shown that Green Tea, Maté and Chromium are efficient active ingredients. Our Fat Burner contributes to burn more calories with no change of your life habits.

How does the Sinetrol® work?

  • Sinetrol® XPur, patented formula, is made with natural extracts (sweet orange, blood orange, grapefruit and guarana).
  • ‘Fat burning’ action was validated by 2 clinical trials.
  • Sinetrol® XPur also helps the degradation of stored fats by 300% (validated by these clinical trials).


  • Green Tea extract increases the thermogenesis helping the body to burn more calories
  • Maté draines and improves the elimination of water and toxins, and invigorates
  • Chromium maintains a normal blood sugar level


The natural active ingredients contained in our Fat Burner have to be used in conjunction with a varied and balanced diet and a healthy life style.

Studies carried out on a total of 115 subjects, between 22 and 55 years old, with a body mass index (BMI = weight/height2) between 26 et 33. Duration : 12 weeks. Sinetrol ® 02/2013.

After my second birth, and 7 months after my delivery, I wished to test the Fat Burner in order to loss my last extra kilos. After 1 month of trial, I recognized a loss of weight faster and stronger than my usual.


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